Build Your Virtual Presence


The world has changed dramatically. One of my biggest concerns over the last 15 months of Covid has been that people’s personal brands are becoming invisible. People run the risk of becoming known as their MS Team circle with their initials in the middle.

We are very visual creatures and 70% of people’s impact is visual. This is still the case across a screen. So what do you do to stay relevant and visible:

  • Whenever you speak during a meeting, make sure your camera is on
  •  Dress up, and show up (at least above your waist ;-)!

 I recently presented to a senior group of partners across Africa. The session was at 4.30pm in the afternoon, and the person who introduced me was sitting on her bed with her unmade bed behind her. I’m not sure that was the most career-advancing look!

  • Buy a halo light so you have good lighting. We used to buy new shoes- your halo light is your “new shoes” in the virtual world.
  • Ensure your camera is at eye level. I wish politicians and medical professionals on news briefings across the world during Covid, would take this advice. We’re either looking up their noses or seeing half of their heads across the screen.
  • Smile more and you need to increase your energy by 20% online, especially when meeting people for the first time.
  • Use Mentimeter if you’re presenting to a group to promote engagement. You need to give people something to do every 10 minutes otherwise they disengage.

 I strongly believe that your ability to package your value, build your personal brand in the crisis and leverage your network are the skills you need to survive and thrive during this time.

By Helen Nicholson, CEO & Founder of The Networking Company-